Chinese Ethno Jazz Improvisations

The duo DONG WEST is the musical personification of the encounter between two cultures. DONG (East) is played by the Chinese singer Vivien Lee from Hong Kong, who has been living in Europe for a long time, concerts and teaches. WEST can be heard by Volker Greve on various instruments (Piano, vibraphone, percussion) and gives the duo's musical journeys many different timbres. -> READ MORE

Rev. Kathrin Oxen
Kathrin Oxen was born and raised on the countryside of Schleswig-Holstein. After her studies in Wuppertal and berlin she was a parish pastor in the heart of Mecklenburg and then served for many years as director of the Wittenberg Institute of Preaching and Homiletics. Since December 2018 she has been a pastor at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin and became in 2019 the elected Moderator of the Reformed Church in Germany including 1.5 Million members.

What she finds most interesting is the parallel between Jazz and preaching. Isn't a sermon another type of improvisation on a biblical text? And what role does the predetermined in relationship to the newly created? And what are the conditions for virtuosity in both fields? Kathrin Oxen looks forward to new discoveries in encountering to preach along jazz musicians on the same theme - freedom!

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