Uwe Steinmetz & IN SPIRIT

Musical host Uwe Steinmetz closes the series with his trio featuring Sebastian Merk  (drums) and Arne Jansen (guitar). They will be also joined by guest musicians from the series over the summer.


I grew up 30 miles southeast of the Northern Sea - still today, from all places in nature, the open sea is where I like to be most - it reminds me of eternity, eternal change, of travelling to new places - but it also creates the great sense of "homecoming" for me and ultimate, restful peace. All of this is present when I listen and play music, too. To come closer to this "inner sea", I became a musician. 

Over the years I have aimed to compose and play music, which enters on these qualities and brings out my inner sea of rhythms, sounds and melodies from the different musical cultures I experienced over the 30 years of playing the saxophone. I believe all human beings possess this inner place, which resonates from experiences of the outer world and music can be a healing force in helping us to reconnect to this inner sea and find wholeness while living in a fragmented world.

STREAM is a modular Ensemble consisting of a Trio with Arne Jansen (Guitar) and Sebastian Merk (Drums, Synth) and features musical guests for different compositions and concerts. Uwe Steinmetz

Richard Maegraith

Richard is an Australian jazz musician and pastor living and working in Berlin, Germany. He holds a Masters in Jazz from Sydney Conservatorium of Music (having written an extensive thesis on saxophonist Warne Marsh). His main instrument is tenor saxophone, although he is proficient and has appeared on over 35 released albums with instruments including alto, soprano and baritone saxophones, flutes, clarinets, bass and drums. He has worked in a variety of ensembles in Australia including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, through to television shows of many kinds, theatre productions and of course, many jazz settings - which is his first musical love. In this genre he has performed with most of Australia's leading musicians and ensembles and toured extensively with many ensembles, both nationally and internationally. He has also appeared and recorded with many international jazz artists including Chris Potter, Alex Sipiagin, Maria Schneider, Jim Pugh, Nate Wood and Bob Sheppard.

He was appointed the Sydney “Jazz Catechist” from the Anglican church and is now working primarily as a pastor in Berlin (having graduated from both Moore College and SMBC, Sydney) with Batik International Church and is seeking amongst other ministries, to regularly incorporate the beauty of jazz and improvisation with musicians and others in various ways so as to experience the glory of God, known foremost in His Son, Jesus Christ.
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